Many HVAC installations are oversized in capacity and this together with a lack of a correct duty cycle, is causing a huge waste of produced kWh. Introduction of VSD technology combined with heat exchangers and a correct duty cycle of the plant, will reduce the kWh consumption by 40-60%.
Additional implementation of censors measuring CO2, temperature and humidity will make a contribution to the efficiency of the plant.

Pump installations

Seawater cooling system, high and low temperature cooling water systems for main and auxiliary engines are often oversized. Usually the flow is controlled by 2-speed motors and additionally by control of the valves. Surveys have shown that the efficiency of this setup is rather poor.
Introduction of VSD technology in combination with exchange of pump wheels with better efficiency and electric motors with better cos phi(eco motors), will reduce the kWh consumption by up to 50%.

Presentation of a HVAC and pump installation - energy saving project 2010